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It is our mission to create a mechanism for the sustainable production of safe and secure food by weaving together existing technology with new technology.


Major changes are coming to nature that makes up the basis of our lives. Food production will become even more challenging in the future, and it is said that it will become difficult to obtain food the way we do now. What is required now from primary industries is to establish new production methods in response to the changing environment (environmental pollution/climate change/population increase/etc.), and to regain natural health. What can achieve this is circular-type food supply infrastructure.


Our business is to maximize the power of nature with the power of technology.

• Existing technologies:
Production technology (plant factories, aquaculture, aquaponics, etc.) and power generation technology (biomass, solar light, wind power, etc.)
• New technologies:
Technology that weaves the two technologies above and enables circular-type food supply suitable for each location


We cover feasibility studies intended to establish circular-type food supply systems, such as circular agriculture and the use of renewable energy that adopt advanced technologies, to facility maintenance and management support.

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1. Research

Current situation survey/technical survey

After conducting current situation surveys relating to food production and power generation, needs surveys and surveys relating to profitability and laws, we create a list of technology/equipment candidates that should be utilized. We then conduct demonstration tests if necessary, and investigate the feasibility of the plans.
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2. Planning

Business plan/operation plan

We establish business plans, such as the selection of equipment manufacturers, law notifications, authorization applications and scheduling, together with operation plans including the operating balance.
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3. Design

Final design/cost estimation

  1. We create facility equipment designs, calculate the estimated costs and formulate schedules based on the plans and determine the final designs.
  2. We create detailed blueprint designs and calculate the estimated costs, and formulate detailed schedules pertaining to maintenance.
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4. Maintenance

Construction work/facility maintenance

As part of the facility maintenance, we establish construction sites (new construction or renovation of existing buildings), transport, install and construct equipment and confirm the operation with trial operations.
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5. Operation

Trial operation/full operation

After conducting a trial operation of the items (resource cultivation, cultivation cycle, stabilization of gasification, etc.) that require time before the start of the normal operation, we begin the full operation.
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6. Expansion

Scale expansion/multi-store operation

We verify the operational status, expand the scale for facility development or add production varieties, establish circular-type food supply facilities in other areas with different environmental conditions and consider the mutual import and export of facilities.

Corporate Profile


Company name: Inloco Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address: 339-3 Maezato, Itoman, Okinawa JAPAN
Representative: Naoko Sasaki
Established: March 1, 2019
Capital: 3,000,000 yen
Services: Matters related to circular-type food supply infrastructure construction
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